Glance of Bradd Pitt's Surprising Diet

Pitt starts his day with a high-protein meal consisting of eggs and oatmeal.

For a quick boost, Pitt opts for tinned tuna. This snack is both nutritious and convenient

Pitt limits his intake of carbs to those necessary for energy production during workouts.

Pitt ensures his body has an ample supply of protein.

Besides regular eggs and oatmeal, Brad Pitt also includes grilled lean meat, vegetables, and brown rice in his diet

Pitt has stated that he avoids bodybuilding supplements, focusing instead on natural methods of muscle growth

Pitt is known to enjoy a glass of red wine occasionally, which is a moderate consumption of alcohol

Pitt makes sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Pitt tries to limit his consumption of processed foods, preferring to eat fresh, whole foods as much as possible

Pitt has been known to use natural supplements like bee pollen and wheatgrass to boost his health