Colorado Supreme Court rules Trump ineligible for 2024 ballot

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled on the matter of former President Donald Trump's ballot eligibility.

The court's decision was largely influenced by legal briefs and arguments from both sides

The ruling found that Trump remained eligible to seek the presidency, as the insurrection clause did not apply to the presidency

Colorado Common Cause and Mary Estill Buchanan, a former Republican secretary of state in Colorado, defended the ability of courts to adjudicate candidate disqualification under states' election codes

They argued that courts' involvement in this process is necessary due to the potential for public unrest

A group of 10 professors argued that the disqualification provision is another constitutional condition for holding office

Floyd Abrams, Bruce Ackerman, Maryam Ahranjani, Lee C. Bollinger, Erwin Chemerinsky, Alan Chen, Kent Greenfield, Martha Minow, and Geoffrey R. Stone argued

It's clear that the Colorado Supreme Court's decision was influenced by multiple legal arguments and considerations.